Thursday, 29 January 2015

A Trip Round The Bible At The British Museum

A tour of the British Museum shows that there's more to the Bible than people may think.

The Bible: Fact Or Fiction?

King Sargon is mentioned in only 1 verse in the Bible
Thought to be a made up character, until this frieze was found
- Sargon is on the left
Photo: Tim Bader, CC-BY 3.0, via British Museum
Ask a Bible scholar, a Christian, or a Jew, "is the Bible true?", then they are likely to say, "of course, it's about real people, living in real places".

Ask an atheist the same question, then they may say that it's either made up, or that the true events have been "dressed up", to make them seem more than they are.

Ask anyone else, and they'll probably say something in the middle.

For many years, there was plenty of evidence from ancient manuscripts to show that people like Moses, King David and Jesus, lived in the places and times that the Bible said they did.

While there were some discrepancies between sources and many topics were hotly debated, the overall weight of evidence pointed to the veracity of the biblical text.

However, the field of archaeology was strangely silent on the matter.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

A Weekend Away

Summary: my personal take on a Men's Weekend away includes fun days, troubled nights and an experience that I hope changes me forever.
Read on to find out more.

It looked so innocent from the outside...

Day Time

I'm part of a church in Surrey and recently all the men in the congregation were invited on a
weekend away.
It was billed as speaking to those who were at a "crossroads in their lives", which in our case and at this particular time, represented pretty much everyone for one reason or another.

The first day began innocently enough, with an early start and a grumpy head (normal for me).
We got the kids sorted and headed off on the school run, after which my wife came with me to the meeting point.
Jonny was the next to arrive after us and almost immediately had to make a phone call to a prospective employer.
This turned out to be the first significant event of the weekend: he got a new job on his way there!

Friday, 28 September 2012

"The Lord Is My SatNav" - A Prayer For Drivers On Their Way Home

Tongue In Cheek

This is somewhat 'tongue in cheek', although I do believe that the Lord has a sense of humour too.
I was thinking of how many times the Lord has got me home in different circumstances.

As a commuter by car to my place of work, there have been so many times I have been stuck in traffic, or have taken a detour (to avoid said traffic) and then got lost.

But each time, I always pray and the Lord always comes through for me.
Either the traffic has cleared up, or he has given me the patience that I needed, or he has shown me the way.

Monday, 10 September 2012

What will it be like? - Reflections on Heaven and the Olympics


London 2012 Olympic Stadium and Orbit
London 2012 Olympic Stadium and Orbit
It's been an amazing year for us in the UK, what with the Queen's Jubilee, the Olympics and then the Paralympics.

I'm not normally 'into' big public events.
I'm not into royalty or sport.
I get wound up with people in confined spaces and I don't really like being caught up in whatever mood the crowd happens to be in.

But now I have sat through the Jubilee flotilla, and the Olympics/Paralympics from the opening to the closing ceremony.
I've sat speechless in one moment and then stood up, jumped up and down and shouted at my TV with the best of them.
And I have only one word to describe the experience:

If my son was writing this, he would say "Epic".